The Silence is Ironic

If people were thinking that a revolution was really happening in the Middle East they can start thinking again.  The states being racked by protests and revolts have shown their true colour: repression, cruelty, ignorance, and religious phoniness.  The neighbours seem  to lack the courage to condemn the use of military power to suppress the call for freedom.

The casualties caused by government troops in Syria, Libya, and by Islamic miltants in Pakistan are not heroes, not yet.   The survivors need reliable allies.  It is diagnostic that the honourable voices in these countries are no-where to be found.  The Arab League and Islam have failed to show their connection to Arab and Islamic populations.  How can any sane person, westerner or easterner, put any confidence in dictatorships and imams who seem willing to be silent about their own failures?

Is it really hard to explain how so much religious tradition be a hindrance to justice and freedom?  One should not forget the devastating effect of western imperialism, Jewish Zionism, bigotry from Pacific powers, Russian oligarchy and others.  It would seem that people are assuming that there is a corollary to western justice.  I do not want to assume anything when there is so much evidence of moral bankruptcy, which makes Middle Eastern corruption easy to explain, but nontheless daunting to terminate. 

With  both west and east climbing the wannabe pole of Judeo with smatterings of Christianity) and a commitment to human dignity in Islamic states.  One would also have to cover one’s eyes to explain how citizens of Canada can be engaged in peaceful resolution of crucial issues.  No one should be holding their breath for religious groups in these crumbling states to break into the silence.  Death and other really bad stuff await them.  The absence of moderate Islamic voices  is predictably shocking.  Is it possible that milions even in North America whose voices we have been inclined to call moderate are acquiescing over the denial of human rights, the iconization of unspeakable violence.  What could they be waiting for? Are they waiting for a backlash from Canadians?  People are beginning to peek past the rhetoric of politicans and clerics.  Many religious Canadian reject violence as a means to establish either religion or secularity, and their failure speak out shows that irony, as the nature of the world ruling powers, has already advanced to the doorstep of dirt-cheap propaganda.