Bully Bruised

I am returning to a familiar theme as the leader of the Ontario Libaral Party and the prepares to move on to other things.  This man happens to be the premier of Ontario: has been for ov er 20 years.  The premier’s resignation is also happening at a time when the nation’s parliamentary representatives are being called to legislate against bullying.   Where were these anti-bulliers when the nations who thought their bigger navies and armies could whip the world into shape?  Isnt the world still being whipped in to shape with the warmomgering recommendations of Republicans in the US and Conservatives in Canada?

Where was Canada’s conscience when this nation stood with the tin [sic] alliance which included Australia, the Us and the UK?  The gold, silver,  brass, and iron of national character have long vanished.  What can this nation give up to ensure that no-one in the world get’s bullied ever again?  Isn’t that what they are asking.

Give Up

  1. Its own bullying past
  2. Its future plans to arm to the teeth to protect the rich and powerful under the guise of creating jobs
  3. Its rosy version of North American history
  4. The use of broadcasters to spin events in the news

If we can take these actions we will soon see the end of public bullyng!