Racing for the Cash Cow

Governor Mitt Romney seems to have forgotten his lines in the third round of the presidential debates. Or was it that he was told to stick to the script? He kept returning to the last four years or just simply four years. Poor Governor. He found himself repeatedly having to agree with the truth – President Barack Obama has done a remarkable job with the economy, foreign affairs and of keeping the country safe. The Republicans can hope and dream, but their candidate is no Sarah Palin, and at least, the shrill and sometime soundbyte duchess from Alaska was able to stir up the crowds with her ignorance. Somewhere in the dark chambers of the GOP someone thought that a busines-person could best speak to the capitalist dream. Governor Romney is a ruthless business-person – they are all expected to be, but he seems to think that he is in the race to be business-person of the year or of the Americas. Not once did the GOP acknowledge that the wars in the Middle East, under two gentlemen of the Bush family, ate up the money the people of the United States had saved. Not once did the governor even refer to the “with us or against us” ultimatum to the world that the Republican party supported, which was such an insult to friends and neighbours who clearly stood with the hurting American people, but who were not willing to shed any blood in response to the World Trade Centre attacks, that the United States is still trying to rebuild its relationships with real friends and some supposed allies.

Who besides American (and the mostly Asian and Canadian) wannabes is convinced that capitalism is what makes the world livable, enjoyable or safe? Who, pray tell, believes that business operatives can be trusted to heal the ills of modern society. It seems to me that the people whom the GOP and ostensibly Governor Romney can call on to create jobs are uncooperative hate-filled and discriminatory patriots, because it remains to be seen whether they are refusing to create jobs while a democrat is in the White House. It is true, some Americans are more equal than others.

Watching Mitt Romney make claims about his capacity to lead the civilized makes some people wish they could get back George Walker Bush. GW did not pretend to be anything. GW did not pretend to know a great deal about anything beyond the state of Texas. This Romney character however is incredibly ignorant of how the lines he’s been given to chant expose the venom that has recently characterized the Republican Party and its offshoot Tea Party.

Everyone knows that the GOP wants to start another war: that is the only way they know how to keep Americans excited about jobs and patriotism. Then when the election rolls around, they will expect all to fall in behind the commander-in-chief, and not rock the ship of state with changes at the top.

The cruelty of the GOP and its game of capitalizing on the ignorance of many Americans is evident when the Governor’s poor record on education, his personal choices for investment, and the claim that Israel has been neglected. I do not see people in the west weeping for the sins of Germany and not for the sins of NATO and ASEAN and all the other alliances that claim priority. Americans had better start getting used to the fact that the Zionist State is nobody’s friend. It has no real friends, but many people call themselves friends of the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Americans will recognize the concerns for civic society in Palestine when the wild animal traits of all the parties are exposed. The GOP and the challenger have made their case quite clear. They want to pretend that they can redistribute wealth and avoid being labelled socialist/communist. Then they have the gall to talk about nation under God. This race for the presidency is at most levels a race for which side of the tracks will control the most of the nation’s wealth. The real race is still about liberty for all and the absolute right to pursue happiness. By the looks of the GOP’s insensitive pitch, looming war, more reckless spending, denial of human rights, slighting women’s reproductive rights, they want the world to forget the sickness of capitalism, the enslavement of Africans, the rape of the American continent, and the shame of having everything for sale.

The land of the free is full of chains and walls. Freedom is a farce when CNN and Fox can pretend to be information-houses while they openly side with the right to be intolerant, striving to be champions of a consistent view of the world, the poor and God.

The only brave in the land seem to be those who want to silence the voice of real freedom. We have seen a few brave individuals who will face and speak the truth about Islam, Zionism, Judaism, and the popular prostitution of Christianity. People can see where Gov. Romney stands: against the first honourable attempt to care medically for all Americans. This, more than anything else, paints the picture of the GOP racing for the cash cow.