Make America Sorry Again

The media failed to call the bigot when his intemperate speech began in public.  We have heard the mantra: we’ve come a long way and we still have a long way to go.  It is an admission that little real progress is in the works.  One cannot go forward with character formation without changing our perspective.  It is a preacher’s perspective: America needs to repent.  I dare call names.  Hagee and Graham will suffice.  They’re all Balaamists posing as people empowered to decree everything except true godliness.

The U.S. establishment, now headed by confirmed bigots, oligarchs, cowards, revisionists, and anarchists.  We are not talking about anyone with a flawless record.  At least we expect Christians to be focused on love, mercy, and humility.  Instead we have heard that women’s reproductive health – a choice that women need – is the lynchpin of Christian faith.

Islam has found a way to dominate and the silly evangelicals do not have the sense to admit that Christ and Caesar are not pals.  Christianity is not designed for temporal governance. The U.S. and Israel are in the same situation.  Their cherished uniqueness and greatness do not about to grain of sand in the vast universe of divine intentions.

Will American ever say that it’s path has been less than stellar?  Will we keep believing that  gee whiz technology makes a nation great? If America is a star, can we say her light is the prosecution of public lies, the demolition of common illness, misleading advertising. he eradication of poverty, a tango with israelism – chosen status?

When capitalists and the church share a dinner table we can be sure that excreta and vomit are the main course.  It looks like the gates of hell have lost again.   Now they think another actor – this time a Black female –  will cover up the mother of abominations.

If the world needs another magnate to pose as intelligent and successful, carry on.  Make American Sorry Again.  If the world needs another actor to redeem the poor from murderous law enforcement carry on.  Make American Sorry Again.  If the world needs another godless icon to dazzle the uninformed with caring audio-video soundbytes, carry on.  Make American Sorry Again.  The greatest thing is that skeletons are tumbling out of the closets.  The greatest man is the humblest, not a mercurial bigot.  So stop hiding from the sun.  Stop hiding from the Son.  America is Sorry Again because she will be forced to stop holding innocent tribes hostage over ontested scraps eventually.