Perfect Possenreißer?

This writer evaluated the 45th president of the United States as a buffoon from the early days of his campaign. Two words that are dangerous beside the name or title of the 45th president of the United States are ‘great’ and ‘perfect’. Yet these are the words that he and his flunkies want to sound out incessantly. The day is certainly with us for us to slam the door on bigotry and hypocrisy whether it comes in a campaign rally, in an official government conference and in private conversations. 45 is still showing how much he is unsuited to live in communities that are open and caring, much less the White House. His whitewashed heart is showing the signs of colour: red for blood he’s eager to shed, pink for his uninvited hand up women’s skirts, green for his support for a fossil fuel economy, blue for his purple for his solidarity with Nazism and other regurgitation, yellow for his lies about Chinese money, and bright orange for his confirmed status as buffoon: but not the perfect possenreißer.

To the citizens of the United States.

The new low began when voters thought that a rich bigot could become a prince by winning votes. The new low began when people started putting evangelical junkies on the level of Christian messengers. The new low began when the media stopped confronting opinions with facts. Mothers and fathers, teachers and pastors, lawyers and judges, policemen and firefighters, are all guilty of elevating Caesar above God. We seem to have learned little from either ancient or modern history.

Both the white and the right will soon speak the truth about Israel and American solidarity. Unfortunately, there is no new high for the United States: not after two centuries of searching for a more perfect union, not after claiming to be not only the greatest on earth but also the one successful challenger to God himself, and not after electing a gloating bigot, and refusing to call him on it from the start.

For crying out loud, Israel had 70 years. So lets face it, time is up, and not even a bird should peap. This Psalmist will sing! Five thumbs to potusbigotusgloatus. Gloating bigot, his talking heads, assorted clowns, and masked men with plastic frowns: all buffoons. But worse than 45 is his vp, or the next potus. It is not getting better, folks. Straight Down. Get ready for the perfect possenreißer. The consummate buffoon is yet to come. Watch the evangelical beast media for the identity of the perfect possenreißer.