The Beat of the Christian Beast’s Heart

Since Nebchadnezzar’s decree – that all men should worship the God of the Hebrew people – there has not been a genuine attempt by any nation to identify itself as disciple and worshipper of the true God. Israel’s venture to do so with the best of legislation and instruction seems not to have been received as credible evidence of the futility of claiming to be a religious nation. Therein lies the tension between godliness and beastliness.

The British Prime Minister recently acknowledged the Christian foundation of the British state. Not a peep was heard in the media. Religious nations are an amazing sign of dullness. Corporate entities are beasts: all levels of government and church are included. They have neither the capacity nor commitment to care as humans do. As much as the church or any other corporate entity can adjust its course its decisions are not the result of the dynamics that move human beings. It is rare for an entity to resolve anything without votes or discussion. Animals on the other hand are programmed – may we never accept instinct as the normal – wired to survive. Humans are wired to build and protect families and that difference illustrates the beat of the Christian beast’s heart.
How many polls will the news media use to gather public opinion about whether Britons see their nation as a Christian stronghold or not? Not many, if any, because they would rather broadcast the outrage of celebrities and editorial opinion which we know to be amoral, anti – monarchy and supportive of esoteric knowledge.
Such a decree could alienate some of Cameron’s own supporters, including those who agree with his decision to break with the Church of England by supporting gay-marriage. The Christian heritage has given birth to two entities: one a beast, the other a female figure. The tendency to syncretize everything in the name of diversity and pluralism often makes it difficult and even risky to distinguish the beastly dimensions of the Judeo-Christian alliances from the Church.

Amid the various identifications of the beast the straight line from Babylon to Europe is treated as a if it did not exist. One only has to take note of who are the competing powers on earth’s political, economic, and religious battlefields. Iraq (Babylon), Iran (Persia), Greece, Rome, Brussels (The EU, and Russia (Rosh, Gog and Magog).

Not long from now, all of these nations that are championing rights and freedoms will gang up on the conscientious objectors to a world government that deifies humanity and tramples on the foundations of society laid millennia ago, before a single kingdom or city state was established. What we have received from our ancestors, wherever we live on this planet, is a tradition of family. It is the human thing.

Families are not a secular or civic invention. Our loved ones are not a cog in the wheels of government. Our traditions of food and drink, of stewardship of our environments, our laughter and labour are divine gifts. Our families are the sacred trust that we keep without much thought, though increasingly building a family that honours the traditions that have persevered over the millennia demands sober thinking. Our procreation stands with the Lord’s promise that Hell’s Gates will not prevail against the church. He provides the armour for each generation and we provide the armour-bearers.

At the centre of our struggles are our children, the next generation. When the elders of any generation seem ready to hand over the reins of government to the youth we can afford to be excited. Old people are dreamers, nothing more, dreaming of being young and (relatively) untarnished. The kind of vision needed to give life to our communities is not given to older adults. Most are sold on the golden bricks of secular power and are in the grips of a merchandising mindset.

The friendship between church and state is a terrifying development especially in a state that claims to be guardians of the mystery of godliness. There are so many secular flavours that the Churches have used to build blind loyalty and uninformed devotion that when the devil-powered beast says “Jump”, the Churches will be the first to say “How high?” The unwary will be taken by the beast’s miraculous powers and the altar of sacrifice will be populated by those who do not love their lives only when death is not in the picture.

The beast offers death to all who are loathe to stuck with faith in God, but Christ offers life to all and loves all.