No-destination Education

The world is full of it.
Hours of one way speeches by leaders in every field…do not amount to much.

Saying something is God’s word because it is in the Bible is killing people. Take that infernal whopper about forgiveness with law as boss and righteousness as a human product. People actually swear it’s true. Forgiveness is neither a lottery nor collateral.

Saying something is God’s word because it is in your favourite book is deceiving people, especially that demonic doctrine about how badly people need the moon for light during the daytime.

We’ve been going to school that is all recess! The world’s peace and health will never be secured by any 21st century video, a 19th, 18th, 17th, or 16th century manuscript.

Hitching a ride on those wagons with the “blessing” label hardly help with growth and maturity. In fact no feedback is allowed in many so-called information sessions: sermons, motivational talks, study sessions, and yes, the videos and shares riddled with maxims, wisdom, Bible verses and advice.

At this rate we have lost sight of justice rolling down like a river and the knowledge of (intimacy with) God like terran oceans, because much of what is being drilled into young minds has no eternal value. It’s all going nowhere quite quickly.