Bewitched or Botched

Bible, God, righteousness, and gospel are words that can trigger outrages, even violence. In addition to the actual violence that people have perpetrated people say these and other words like them with little precision and abuse the material intended to do good.

I suppose there are a majority of religious people who say what they are told to say and espouse unhealthy practices in the guise sustainable spirituality. For example, there is a de facto pathology resulting from the (a) election of Jewish people (b) the separateness of Christians (c) and the deference shown to leadership types.

The gospel liberates from death, sin and law. It has does not stand on food, drink, festivals, and ancient practices. The gospel is God the Father’s message and gift package to the world.

Jews have Moses. Christians have Yeshua.

Every witness cannot be reliable.

People mature at different rates.