No Joke. He Chokes.

The world still revolves around truth and lies. The latter is the treasure that some have discovered as a tool. The term kangaroo court defines the base manipulation of facts in the service of malice in the guise of justice. Judgments are being overturned for reasons that seem easy to overcome. Nepotism and other forms of bias ought to be consistently left out of human thoughts, and a judge must have a demonstrated commitment to impartiality. Judges can tell when and so order a yes or no is all we need. I saw a sick boy dehydrating when caught in the act. There was not enough water for the judge.

A simple question from Senator Harris to Judge Kavanaugh, nominee to the Supreme Court, shows how potus45 and his riverbound pals can get little right.

Have you talked to anyone about Bob Mueller and his investigation?

The judge’s reply included: It is in the news. I guess… I do not know who works for… The answer is yes.

The picture of the rich man burning up in Gehenna and wishing for even a drop of water came to life for millions when the veneer of decency disappeared in the judge’s sour political rant. If I was Aaron and Judge K was a Levite I would not entrust him to choose a lamb or a pigeon for a sacrifice. He is prone to arguing that a large neck wound is a pimple. He might say the bird’s problem is its limp not it’s missing leg.

There are a lot of people choking right now because grace gets treated like a race, because Christ gets put into a childish and useless lawgiver role, and God is a fast-fantasy network. Kavanaugh dried up and choked because he’s been fighting those demons all his life and the conflict has come to public light. We know that sheriffs and prosecutors, legislators, and expert witnesses do not always show a commitment to answering the question. Judges can split judgments into 9 possible sustainable positions but what one has done in life is either fact or forgotten.

You want a new what?

That is God’s response to our prayers. Whatever we say will run into his “I have given you life”.

It is a crazy fad. People want law to be in charge. Even when we admit that the vitality of life needs no partnership with either laws that fail or with constitutions that need amendments.

Truth gets choked from time to time. We still believe in speaking it and doing it. It is a good thing, even when we have mega aspirations. It was obvious that the judge had a great many moments where his hand was in someone else’s cookie jar and the heat was too much for the privileged brat. How many chokers like Kavanaugh are on the bench is any ones guess and 45s allies turn out to ne the worst type like Arapio, Bannon, Moore, Cohen and Flynn.