Whoa! Back up!

Of all the things that could convince the unbelievers of Christ’s interest one would suppose that reversing death or life, nullifying the effects of angels, principalities, powers, future or present things would top the list. God has not promised anyone an innoculation against tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword.

What killed Moses?

Who condemns us for not walking in the Spirit? Romans 8:1

Can you pray away the futility of life? Romans 8:20

It is good also that we keep the boundaries of authority in the right perspective because, unlike His Majesty at Mount Sinai, we are not commissioned to test the people. Our calling is to love as Christ loves, and neither fable nor miracle can turn a lie into the truth.

We are drinking the rushing and muddy waters of the ugly shepherds. Even when the messenger says that the message is “Christian” the line to Christ is blocked more often than not by imprecise slogans, unrelated verses, and the covetous pursuit of comfort and victory.

These are truly dark days. The voice of good shepherd is unmistakable and largely unheeded. The sheep need to drink in quietness, away from the miracle threshingfloor, and one cannot conflate his voice with any other’s. His message wakes the dead and pardons sinners. Eternal life does not include the comforts of this life. The cream of this life’s crop is fellowship with God the Father and that suffers no loss.

Incomprehensible peace