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Government cannot be run like a racist criminal real estate enterprise. The GOP and its evangelical enablers might as well be liquor-impaired. Their judgment has been faulty because they chose stupid slogans over noble ideals. If it seems that government is increasingly going to the dogs and treasure troves are turning into major landfills the chances are that politicians are surviving on an improbable diet.

Isaiah’s courage

While we are not certain about the details of the persecution of Isaiah by the Jewish people his courageous speaking of the truth would have landed him prison. The only people who dare to speak unvarnished truth to the public about government today are misguided and xenophobes and Caucasian racist extremists. They are no Isaiah.

These also reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are swallowed by wine, they stagger with strong drink, they reel in vision, they stumble in giving judgment. For all tables are full of filthy vomit, with no space left.

Isaiah 28:7-8

When your president, anointed by 30 percent of your voting population, incites violence against the media, then pretends that he is concerned about the safety of the journalists the bare backside of the your nation comes into unobstructed view. Few nations have sunk this low.

The old paleface megalomaniac chief is practically roasting in the sunlight of facts and history.

There, in plain sight with shameless bravado, are the fascist chants, the Russian extortion handcuffs, confidence in xenophobic installations, and the poorly-disguised Nazi-inspired mass murder of the innocent.

I do not listen to speeches by the gloating bigot. I gather my info from the excerpts put forward in reports.

I know that many people who say they are followers of God’s Only-Begotten Son stand behind the ignorant bigot in the white house, behind every Nazi policy, behind all the childish imperial slogans, and behind the uncaring knee jerk reactions to invented crises. This is how they make an idol of the American experience, all the while paying lipservice to decency and indulging in the prostitution that has not failed to make a byword of every nation that exalts itself. It’s time to stop deceiving ourselves about a nation of laws. There has never been a nation that has justified or dignified their own set of laws, no matter how extensive.

There’s no sunshine in the deep

There is no city on the hill