Ford Sale

Ontarians seem to have bought the “open for business” slogan, if one counts election results as intelligent conclusion.  The Ontario PC party thinks that the Federal Government (headed by the Liberal Party and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau) was either wrong or ill-prepared to put its platfiorm into action.  The PC chief has shown how disconnected he can become and how quickly he will chop of his nose to spite his face, when he announced that Ontario is open for business.  What does Doug Ford have to sell?  He ought to follow the lead: cannabis decriminalization, new automobile technology, opportunity for the increasinly diverse population of new immigrants are the  trending

Since being elected to power in the last provoncial election, Doug Ford has

  1. squelched the voice of Toronto’s Grade A civic politics by decreeing the size of Toronto City Council
  2. claimed that the Federal has rushed and downloaded cannabis decriminalization onto the province
  3. shown that labour is a mere tool for elections with his spineless defence of General Motors workers in Oshawa
  4. savagely attacked social services
  5. shown an incrddible insensitivity to health care needs

He has made Ontario a “D” grade jurisdiction, and the fist evidences of that were his promise to sell beer at $1, and his delay in opening cannabis stores at least 4 months after Newfoundland opened it first stores.  Doug is a rich guy who is willing to lie to Ontarians.  That should ring the bells loudly, “Not another rich brat”.

 N A R B

Doug Ford’s play book: democracy is for getting elected, push cheap alcohol while delaying cannabis stores, opt out of the Canadian Charter (that never leads to a good place), and attack the vulnerable segments of our population.

We will see who comes to Doug’s store.  You can be sure the Innu are not moving south.   We, in our magnificent diversity, are the best catalysts for ensuring the failure of Doug’s prostitution market in Ontario,  Maybe he is expecting a rush on the border from the south, cementing the conservative and oppressive support for business.  A new kind of poverty is knocking on our doors.

Ontario needs a be a place where children and not just ecomonies grow