Sin on the Rocks?

Are there 10 types of sin as in the decalogue? Are there two types of sin: against God and against humanity? If there are 10 or 2 what could have prevented us from arriving at the eradication of sin, especially when legislators are expected to make laws to prevent recurrence. Thankfully, those who face condemnation are in a prison of their own choice, a choice made even after the matter was settled by Christ at the cross.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last 200 years or so for the believers, ordered up by the various church alliances and by unique fellowships has been a steady diet of “bigger, more, and better” propaganda. This phenomenon demonstrates that the prevailing interests are the continued oppression and insult of the people we ought to be helping. People are more scared, they are sicker and thoroughly deceived. Witness? The rose-colored spew.

Off the wall offence

The Lord’s table is an exercise of memory, and Scripture gives it no supernatural dimension. In recent memory I have witnessed the Communion service turned into an inoculation against physical death and medicine that heals the body. Now this kind of thing may not be happening in your circle, but I find it exceedingly offensive to the memory of the Saviour and a shocking witness to the shallow waters in which our colleagues in pastoral ministry are swimming.

No person can survive on a diet of what the churches are “selling”. Instead of the message of Christ that drives good things and changes lives we find a victory chant that is openly greedy, ruthless land selfish. Let’s face it: the love of money did open the floodgates of evil. Now that Solomon is a guide to spiritual life, money is a gift from God, to be loved and cherished, what legs dare we say we have?

Sin rules when one neglects the words of Christ

We can return to our first love: life before law and prophets. There is no life from the prophets and apostles or the host of miracle workers. All the mighty things those creatures have the capacity to do and say pale by comparison with the word and work of Yeshua. To him alone belongs salvation. The individual who fails to turn you over to God’s Son is an actor who cannot even read the lines. Yeshua did not merely try to correct silly concepts; he had something new to say and something new for everybody. Jews opposed him then (did not receive Him), and we stand today in the way of people who are coming to him with our imitation of Moses and the prophets, scribes and Pharisees.

A new diet is in order.

One cannot be on the rocks of Jesus’ sayings and be constantly talking about sin.

Knowing the difference between the words of Yeshua and the words of other people is where rightly dividing the word begins.

And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. Matthew 7:26