Brownout for the Brit Brat

We have known for centuries that the European Union was destined to fail. Britons wanted to be both in and out – keeping the pound as their currency while benefiting from the common European currency. They are now out. Uncertainty hangs over the UK like a cloud of locusts.

The United Kingdom is not too special to fail. Ireland’s situation in the UK, at first a local festering wound, is now an international plague. United Kingdom is too perverted not to be exposed to the whole world as fractious and egomaniac. Brexit is the poster boy for sedition and supremacy. The Brexit tacticians are the dunces of our times. To think they can say “count me out but keep me in” is evidence of the British reverie.

The waves are swamping Britannia.

Slavery: “I’m home”

Disaster is the destiny of beasts. The four world-ruling empires and all the modern beasts have been responsible for the outbreak of homicides and genocidal policies and all kinds of injustice. Britons have been the agents of a great deal to interference.

Britons will not wake up from this nightmare.