Queen Power in Disguise

Since when did truth and justice matter for Canadians? When did politicians learn to do the right thing? Since Quebec’s sovereignty gamble and the Russian grip on the USA has not roused the sleeping call girls of Europe and the Middle East we need to understand what credibiity is driving the predatory calls for investigations and resignations. Canadian media were duped by the Ontario Conservatives now the Liberal Party cannot make up its mind about the integrity of a whistleblowing officer of the Crown in the justice arm of government.

We can hardly hear of wrongdoing without swinging the gavel indignantly, but colleagues who conspire to unseat their leader outside of a leadership contest have yet to learn about the dangers of flirting with compliance with the law and amorality. The loyal opposition is all too ready to throw stones and the media follows like a trained canine.

Woman Power

Female power is gravely important and underestimated. The issues seems to coalesce around equality and lordship. Contemporary events moved by truly heroic women, successful protests in antiquity (Numbers 27:1-8), the witness of women in New Testament times, provide the assurance that the end of misogyny is a worthy goal even while it has little informed popular appeal.

Equality and lordship

The gospel has no place where both are not functionally relevant. Whenever dysfunction appears there is a tendency to lay down rules and in the wider political context there is usually legislation to make sure the problem does not recur. No society has successfully brought about an end to misogyny, racism, and the violence of of religious bigotry. The church, government and the global community depend on best practices and zero tolerance regimes to appear to be accountable, but officers of the church, crown or global institutions are not paragons of virtue. It is not surprising that the Canadian government is facing a women-led media attack highlighting interference in the administration of justice.

Just when we thought our glass house was safe

It is required of stewards that they keep their heads above the water. We are not comparing the PM with his colleagues. The woman at the centre of the assault on the Prime Minister’s Office wants to be a hero of war against her leader while enjoying the privilege of cabinet. Attacking interference by the PM in public is a close relative of surreptitious recording of private conversations.

Right wing and no wing

Politics in Canada may be a kind of religion for the media and the women’s movement just took a dive with the revelations by a cabinet member and the sheer malice of the leader of others. There is a lack of insight and humility that plagues the politics of both the left and the right. What next? Call the Republican Party of the United States to help us sort out what the shuffled and resigned females of the Liberal Party have foolishly thought was the spark for the rise of a new political environment? Sic the RCMP on the Prime Minister’s Office?

Right! On the 33rd of February.