All out in the open

Poor Mitch McConnell and his colleagues are no revolutionaries. The scorpion eggs they laid during the Obama administration are hatching. The lawyers angling for a constitutional crisis – which is the only route for oligarchs and plutocrats to have their way, and look like they are responsible.  Americans should listen to one another.  If atheists are tuning out the Christians, and Jews are tuning out the Palestinians the only debate left is malicious speech and weapons of mass destruction.  Christian radio and ignorant demagogues have a hold, all out in the open, on greatness in the form of rape, papist attitudes, white privilege, and an oppressive health and wellness maze.

They have devolved from barking up the wrong tree to dumb dogs that do not bark. They will change all to Caucasian whenever it suits their bigoted plots.  They will hold the population hostage with the threat of instant death by lost – not mentally sick – individuals.  They are self-envenomated into paralysis.  Flip a coin: will they [a] confess or [b] shut up and lose the next?