Ranking Jokes

It is thought that godly people have no time for humour or recreation while some people think that time is running out and that everyone needs to shift into a kind of super-proselytization mode.  Good fun is part of God’s design and to deny it amounts to dangerous extremism. Hearing God laugh at the people putting distance between themselves and God’s king should wake us up to divine humour.

Fig leaves wardrobe

The attempt to cover the their nakedness with fig leaves has to rank as one of the all time pathetic fixit ventures. In their ignorance of both good and evil God must have at least smiled.  He had the answer to their problem!

Glory vistas

Moses had seen a burning bush, the Passover, the Red Sea Crossing and the fiery pillar and the cloud.  As he was receiving the covenant he determined to see more of God’s person.   “Show me your glory” he requested, only to be told “You’d die in the process”. There was nothing to see: God is invisible and lives in unapproachable light. God decided to humour him. “Catch a glimpse of my backside!”

Baal’s bowel movement

When Elijah cornered the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel he poked fun at their attempts to get an answer from Baal. “Perhaps he’s in the toilet!”, Elijah said.

Communion miracle

The communion is a memory exercise. There is no death-defying, physical healing in the elements, and remembering Christ’s sacrifice delivers nothing beside the building up of faith and the demonstration of our confidence in Christ’s return. It is evident that all some people know about God is that he gives gifts to his loved ones. God must have a wry smile as Catholics and charismatics pervert the communion.