Jude Packs a Punch. Faith Most Holy

But you, dear friends, as you build yourselves up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting expectantly for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life.
Jude 1:20‭-‬21 CSB

Not many things that actually affect life are ranked topmost”. The inner chamber of the tabernacle is perhaps most familiar: it resolved little. The blood of animals and the incense were also topnotch items along with all the vessels of the tabernacle (see Exodus 30). One could touch one of these items and become holy, not most holy.

In faith’s domain one encounters real holiness in prayer, divine love, and merciful behaviour.

Food for faith vs food for family

A portion of the holiest offerings kept from the fire will be yours; every one of their offerings that they give me, whether the grain offering, sin offering, or guilt offering will be most holy for you and your sons. You are to eat it as a most holy offering. Every male may eat it; it is to be holy to you.
Numbers 18:9‭-‬10 CSB