Virulent EXPERTS

American radio is the swampiest manifestation of all that is damnable and malicious. The American Centre for justice – popular on so-called Christian radio – makes Caiaphas, the high priest who unwittingly predicted the atoning death of Messiah Yeshua look like a hero of righteousness.

Sekulo on Christian radio? Haha! Spin doctor extraordinary and eminently lost in evangelical betrayal of Christ. American Christians are by far the most dangerous antisemites of all.

Let’s not think that their love of Israel and the exorbitant spending to support the State of Israel has anything to do with real respect for humanity. We know it has nothing to do with either Christian or Mosaic nobility. Americans simply like getting on the inside – chumming up – so that they can perpetuate their own Promised Land and Chosen People delusion ane the inevitable oppression of of native peoples.

Everybody with an ear has heard the American president proclaim that there are good people followers of Hitler. Not one preacher of the gospel has whispered a protest or rebuke.

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