No slogans. Just the record

How does one “claim salvation”? Is God a “One strike you’re out” kind of judge? If it is true that he said “I will never leave you or forsake you” why does any adversity make us act as if love has gone away?

There are more than a few things people like to say without thinking about the ramifications. Sloganeering has dulled the minds of a great deal of the people in church these days. For those who have not committed to following the Saviour the cheap sayings of old dominate like a crown of gold on a pig’s head. This is where sloganeers live. The worst examples are those who are never heard acknowledging the exaltation of Yeshua and the salvation that only comes from him.

  • Praise and worship the creator
  • Improve the lives of …
  • Money answers to everything
  • Nothing comes easily
  • Change will come to society with medical health and financial planning
  • God is good all the time
  • Praises go up blessings come down

Christ died for sinners and I am one” means more then all the commandments, miracles and social observations.