An Honest Appraisal of Facts

If the voice you hear and seem unable to avoid is on a channel you cannot change I am sorry for you. Changing the channel is a poor option when every other channel turned out to he a clone of the one to which you are tuned.
I have tried to stay abreast of political developments for good reason. Doing so has a cost. One has to listen to what amounts to the deafening drone of the thieving and perjured scribes and Pharisees along with the voices of conscientious compatriots or colleagues. Poor Israel at Sinai! They tuned out Yahweh and got Moses with same song. Blessed us in the 21st century! We tune out every stakeholder and preserve our sanity.

The cost of tuning out

I kid you not. The message that little dt (of Mar a Lago) did nothing wrong comes with a stifling bad smell, a temptation to turn all of those voices off, and the suggestion to paint every messenger with the same colours. Tuning out the clanging cymbals of political combat for a while is unlikely to affect the flow of life as occurs when one tunes out the voice of Yeshua, even for a minute, so we can cling to older unreliable voices.

One can be hypnotized by the drone

Only time will tell if the elected representatives in the GOP are actually more than tinmen. It is devastating to think that anyone with a spiritual or moral spine (all elected officers are expected to) will chant the false narratives that are the main feature of Republican rallies. If one’s fame comes from making a lot of noise (like Collins, Jordan, Gaetz, and Gohmert), and not from being sighted and thoughtful workers of the facts it will not be long before there arises a new definition of honest.