Which issues of CT did that bigot really read?

Christianity Today calls for the removal the 45th president by election or removal for crimes and he responds that he will read the magazine no more. This is what raises the question.

He who believes that the menace in the White House actually reads a Christian magazine also believes that a total shut down of immigration from Islamic states is neighbourly and constitutional.  Evangelicals and Christians of any stripe must hold their nose and fake a smile when they talk about the greatness of an America that is so mangled one can understand how a great wonder of the global arena can end up hated and trashed.

Republicans who read a magazine, like Christianity Today, devoted to truth and understanding cannot be anything but the oil-soaked birds of America’s moral majority oil spill.

Potus45 does not read his briefing notes.  He spends his time watching a crude entertainment network, plotting perfect phonecalls, writing love letters to maniacal despots, and covering up his crimes.

One or none