Whiny Orange Threat Feels the Chill

Hazzard county comes to Washington, DC and Christian radio with a whimper. Crime-fighting, dirt-collecting operatives, constitutional experts and compromised preachers of quasi-righteousness pretend not to see the facts. Impeached boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane have told us that there is no impartial justice. Duh!

One African American Woman of Courage

If any politician deserves a prophetic mantle it is Rep. Maxine Waters. Her truth to power determination is a flag flying high. The 45 they thought would kill American democracy, make bigotry, fascism and nazism acceptable, and make a mockery of truth and decency has jammed and is discovered to be loaded with blanks. The impeached despot had better get busy licking his wounds before he ends up with no memory but his mountain of lies, people he tried to bury, buy their silence, and the many nations who he deemed unworthy of being Americans.

One Despised Mormon

There is always a witness to the truth. It is not surprising that the criminal enterprise of the Republican party and the evangelical mob gets called by a faithful Mormon. When the orange threat announced his run for the presidency Mr. Mitt Romney warned the public: he of Mar a Lago is a con man.

Home for jammed 45s

Peace awaits the impeached president in Moscow, Ankara, Pyongyang, and Manila. Reality awaits him in New York: the exposure of his tax crimes and lawyers pocketing large sums of his ill gotten fortune for all the defence he is going to need. It is permanent winter for the American despot whether he flees north or south. There is nothing but blind testosterone and mob incitement in the world of Republican politics and evangelical theology. They both see that the population as primarily an armed force they can whip into quasi-revolutionary fervour. Boo hoo! Real Christians and genuine representatives of the people do not support – do not support – the denial of immigrant and resident right to life. They do not support the criminalization of murdering blacks, They all must vigorously support outlawing the evil of lying lips, not only to the FBI. They should be busy now calling up the great elector of Russia and get their orders in for the best Russian coats. America’s chill has begun.