Pharisee Powers

The powers of the Pharisee are significant. What they do and are have not changed from Bible times.

  • Experts in doublespeak
  • Spare no effort to proselytize
  • Love appearance over substance
  • Love looks over health
  • Choose junk food pleasures over nutrition
  • Depend on shadows over the real thing
  • Use religion as a cover for homicide and genocide

From zeal for God and freedom to homicide

The rise of modern nations is all pharisaic: glitter, greed, deception, homicidal. The American, Canadian, Australian, Brazilian people shamelessly keep building an image whose blueprints they have lost. The United States’ systematic murder and imprisonment of Black people has a price. Black people do not even have the means to protest. They do not need to. God will reduce the idols – the firstborn, the firstrated, and firstfruit – to trash. The current Senate majority, the Attorney General, the vice president, the misogynous bigots in SCOTUS and the barkless dogs in the pulpits are worse than animals. Still, the viper is a great icon for the Pharisees of our times.