Canadian Denials Exacerbate Fidelity

We are watching you, Canadian bigots and law and order proponents. Church and state are often heard trumpeting the effectiveness and undisputed superiority of law. We are watching and waiting for you to start killing your gluttonous kids, stone your neighbours for working on Saturday, ban peoples movements because of their diet and ritual or physical fitness.

My eyes have seen racism and “knees on necks” in churches, unions, police services, up front. Even organizations dedicated to caring for people at risk are swimming in the ocean of fear and disrespect. All Canadians can relate to a certain level of tolerance: witness Quebecois referenda on separation and recent western provinces threatening the rest of us with going their own way.

Deny what you eat for breakfast

We are not blind either to the denials by republics that say their constitution has God’s fingerprint. We are laughing along with our God, because as long as there is malicious discrimination against gender, skin, hair, clothing, foreigners, women and children we are denying our breakfast and showing how shallow our pond is.

Conservatives ready to say no makeover is necessary.

Does MP Andrew Scheer, who keeps pushing for the RCMP to investigate everything, not understand what can happen when police show up?