Left behind again

Some observers of civic society believe that a marriage of some sort is to be expected between God’s church and the state. The day the people say “no more” to government treating the church as an arm of its policies is a day of awakening just as when John the Baptist appeared. When the church wishes we did not speak the truth about injustice and deceit she will show herself in bed with corrupt ideologies and worldviews, and she will show herself in the dark and be left behind.

Government in our days have infiltrated the church with wholly unsanctified people and we let it happen not recognizing the hand of the adversary. The American experiment is about to be exposed as a massive lie. That great constitution is worth nothing. It is a suicidal nightmare of a dance between people and authority, between free speech and words of life. That great document has been used to silence, disenfranchise, pervert justice and kill. People are saying “enough”.

The modern church conforms without acknowledging it to the devil’s dictates when she agrees to every government dictate. “The opinions expressed in the following program are…” is evidence of the corporate world view of our faith as questionable. That’s where we are today: trying desperately to imitate Israel’s institutions and practices. It is no secret that thousands of our leaders across the globe could not tell you anything in its four dimensions.

may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth,

Ephesians 3:18

All the saints experience it – a complete grasp – but the torture chamber wants them to spend the rest of their lives chasing down foolish dreams and someone’s idea of success.  “More than conqueror” does not meet their standards.  When Christ says “Be perfect” are we like the stars in their courses or like the horse that needs a bit?

The threat to civic society comes from the union of church and state

Some leaders can identify what they see. The circus is expected to vanish. If the gospel only transforms people for life in the coming glory we are just persons in a limited sense. What will the clowns do when the popular evangelical circus is seen for what it is? Will they keep grovelling in the foothills where Caesar and Christ inevitably meet? See this new refreshing message from the pulpit (below).