Ready, Set, Start Over!

Just imagine! The police want to investigate the police. How many times have we said no to that unfortunate practice? Enough. Now that the world – really more people than ever before – can see that the police, their commanders, their unions, and the elected officials that say that the safety of the nations depend on the police and military. That is certainly not a Christian or Jewish view. Let us not forget that a city’s defence is the protection of lives and the right to life. The video evidence over the last few decades is clear. The long history of the intimidation of Black people and the widespread lynching by White mobs, often with the assistance of “lawmen” is also incontrovertible. Neither the White House, the department of justice, nor the police agencies can be the agent of change. The current head of the DOJ is a man dedicated to covering up the misdeeds of the president. Those parties have no sudden conversion. There are other opinions and conclusions arising out of the current awareness of the effect of police brutality and the lack of consequence for bad behaviour. The opinion or conviction that is going to be shredded on sight is the one that says a thriving society needs laws. We say “Show us the nation that has built – not merely talked about – a refuge for the poor and oppressed while amassing great resources and influence”.

It makes little sense to believe that a nation is going to allow its young people to plug in the coordinates for the nation’s trip into its most recognizable destiny. We understand that America (or any other nation) does nor have a constitution that merely describes where the nation is. Invariably, a constitution sets out a road map towards ideals. That is a huge problem for the MAGA mantra. When was she great?

All of the known barriers erected by lawmakers, all the partners contracted to deny people their human rights, the huge industry of crime and punishment, can only be reversed by striking the laws that enable these inhumane practices to destroy life and hope. Do not believe the prophets of positivity. Of course the church will thrive. We are always improving what we do by what we discover in Scripture. Makeovers are the hardest things for humans. Get this dig from Jeremiah.

​Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then also you can do good who are accustomed to do evil.

Jer. 13:23

In the land of milk and honey

It is baby food – like milk and honey – that reconditions the adult mind to distinguish good from evil. Peter urges believers in Christ to be eager to partake of the nourishing milk (1 Peter 2:2) that the word of contains. We have to say “contains” because some of our consumption includes hard or adult food (Hebrews 5:12).

He shall eat curds and honey when he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good.

Isa. 7:15

Ready, set, pretend

A makeover scares the proud, those dug in to their traditions, and especially those who love to think of themselves as the head. The new dimensions of Yahweh’s plans were not going to get into bed with the levitical system or with the prophets. Messiah does not need a temple to deliver his grace to the world. The temple served to highlight wickedness in high places and to signal the end of the system that it served. “Ready, set” to many in John’s audience meant one revival or other of some Mosaic or patriarchal practice. They knew that the prophetic age had come crashing down when John said “Time’s up!” Those who knew what the Scriptures said about David’s throne or the priesthood and what they had observed for three years consistently was a far cry from temple practices. What kind of evidence can convince us today that a new civic order is on the horizon? In the face of ongoing brutality, magnified deception, and wickedness in the relevant high places

“Ready, Set, Start Over!” comes with a price. Drop the traditions.