Stop playing games with people’s lives

When a business fails the chances are that the owner survives.  We may miss the service but missing a service during a deadly pandemic is small compared to the loss of a child or family member.   It is almost without humanity that politicians talk about opening for business.   The world is not a shop; it is a home.  Let’s not let the opening of schools be another oops.  It would be nice if kids came back from the dead.  The science of virus spread is not a mystery and neither is the unrestrained wrath of families who keep losing members.

Cash vs Fool’s Gold

Extreme caution, cold calculations, and courageous actions are not the stuff of press releases or public briefings.  Those jurisdictions where coronavirus keeps coming back can be right now tagged for protest and denunciation.  There are morons handling the messaging of covid-19 management.   Thank God, it is not the politicians who decode the data or shape what citizens need to do.  We are seeing, for now, a readiness to spend unlimited amounts from the public purse,  with the stated goal of helping Canadians survive and keep essential businesses alive and safe.  There are people threatening to unseat the common safety and knowledge, parading a fool’s gold love of freedom as preferable to a common experience.  We are going to miss a lot of meaningful experiences that one foolishly seek to recapture and the loss of life is bound to increase.

The right to live in my 2 metre personal space will not be abrogated by people who want to believe that that virus will simply vanish like a miracle or by people who want to keep us living in fear and ignorance.  Among them, we will find , businessmen, politicians, pastors, and many average Joes.