Race war folly

The vigilantes who will take up arms to keep Black and Brown people down may surprise us. Their number may not be as high as we may be led to believe. What will not surprise us is the fact that we cl some of them friends today. Most bigots are cowards, small minded bullies and brats, young and old, literate and illiterate, from every religion too. A war between ethnic groups is a foolish idea because ethnicity is a known weak link in the chain of human communities that thrive.

The contenders for “might is right” may include

  • Legislative representatives
  • Pastors of any ethnicity
  • Culturally superior neighbours
  • Jealous colleagues at work and play
  • Siblings and family members

The Hitlers and Milosevics of the 21st century will not have Black people as victims of their virulent campaign. The American dream, the Zionist paradise, the holy Islamic republics, and the proud nationalists of Asia have to find another route. People are not giving up their lives for these jaded fantasies. These conflict-torn communities are not thriving, as long as one person is denied due process