Very right, almost persuaded

Noisy gongs, offnote tones, and worldly Christian are the allies of the leader who refuses to read.  We are seeing the end of the beast, the false prophet,  and the devil happening in real time.  Yet, a horde of zoom-confident contenders are muddying the waters of Christian faith with their hopes for a Christian empire in the image of the United States. God has no such opening – not for a righteous nation. If today’s leaders refuse to get in touch with the live images of the Bible what hope is there for those who are totally thrilled with the sparks of their own devising?

We are either wrong or right, blind or sighted, living or dead, and watered down apostolic sayings will get us nowhere.

Tell your scanner to alert you about

  • Politicians who do not read
  • Christians who have Yeshua in 2nd place
  • Preachers who do not read their native language competently
  • Brothers who pass on the other side
  • Comrades who look down their noses
  • Sages with little experience
  • Children who claim to need no correction
  • Loving people who fear everything
  • Law enforcement that sentences before hearing the case
  • Natons that drink prostitution like water (they have the best and biggest everything)
  • Righteous people who hate everyone

Our opinions may not impress but God’s word, rightly handled, leaves no question.