People who prefer to say “all lives matter” have self-lobotomized because life in most nations needs to be protected.  Black lives matter because friends who respect us are hard to find.  “Black lives matter” is a distinct expression of solidarity within the oppressed community.   Who in his or her right mind does not conclude that Palestinian lives are not as valuable as others or that vulnerable standard because friends who respect us are hard to find. 

Black lives matter more

Ethiopia mattered when Italy invaded and brutally.  It was Great Britain that cared enough to distance itself from the ridicule and apathy of the League of Nations.   Who cares about First Nations, their women (missing and murdered in Canada), migrant families, Palestinians, Rohingya, entire nations in constant distress and poverty (like Haiti and the United States!)?  Black lives matter more because their plight has been either a political football to benefit the wealthy or a thinly disguised murder strategy.  Christians are attacking the Black Lives Matter movement for some of its stated goals and viewpoints. Isn’t that how America decided to create a backroom for Native people and Blacks, saying in effect,  “you are different and less”?

Black lives matter more because they are increasingly vulnerable to state-sanctioned violence, discrimination by religious people and economic repression.

When was “All lives matter” a virtue in America, Israel, in our churches, mosques or synagogues? No royal commission or research project is necessary.