Jonestown Massacre in Plain Sight

If your pastor tells you what to believe, where to get your knowledge and how to live your life you might think he loves you and wanted you to be safe, but you would be at the mercy of a charlatan who wants your worship.  When Jim Jones led hundreds from their homes in the United States to their death in a distant jungle the truth about American Christianity popped into view as a Jonestown massacre.

The power of faith is not mediocrity

What are we up to when we do not believe the science of faith (religion), the data of climate, of finance, of  economy and of civic society? Necromancy and prostitution. Most of  the people I would like to call colleagues are zombies under the spell of the corrupt GOP and the criminal and unrepentant neo-Nazis in the government.  The power of faith makes us see through the darkness and it does not provide a string of miracles for conditions for which we have handy and well known remedies.

Deceit will not furnish my home

How many of us actually have a human being who

  • What you see is not happening
  • What I tell you is the truth
  • Scientific information is useless because it exposes
  • Democratic government cannot make (any) law
  • Discussion only needs humour, no rules

Seeing is believing!  Some things are cut and dried.  No debate is needed to settle facts.  Discussion does not turn a conman – like potus45 –  into a principled leader. If anyone thinks that it is possible to find a Bible saying to justify the evils of misogyny, let us urge them to THINK AGAIN!  The conflict between Israel and her neighbours are a stark warning against dividing society into us and them, Jew and Gentile, Black and White, Muslim and infidel, sinner and saint, because human instincts for justice and salvation are not helpful for God’s purposes. The traditional Islamic,  Jewish, Christian, and  political treatment of these issues

The latest nominations to the Supreme Court in the United States are part of the massacre.  Are people supposed to believe that SCOTUS is hogtied to mere interpretation of the 2 centuries old constitution, that new law is not their duty?  If Notre Dame scholastic excellence does not accept new law and claims to need original documents for its interpretation of the gospel it dare not call itself Roman Catholic when the pope makes  binding law as easily as the Congress.

Unquestionable Cowardice Witnessed from the 1970s to 2020

American preachers have packed up the gospel in their corruption bag of laws and economic slavery.   They ask for tithe as if they do not know who the high priest is.  They bypass the fountain of decency and precision in order to pursue their conspiracy theories and their idolatrous traditions of judges and peace officers attempting to align themselves with the love of God.  Even with their vigorous campaigns in print, audio, and video there has been –  practically – a deafening silence from American religious leaders for almost a century.

Patriotism and discrimination were Nazism’s distinguishing marks, and that exposes why both Hitler and the Jewish movement towards nationalism have failed.  American religious leaders have seemed unaware of the idolatry in making a test of God and country: a test which to this day avoids recognizing one’s neighbour as the country and the God as specifically Christ the Son of God, or Allah, or Adonai ( Yhwh).