Fraud and integrity in person

At 0229 hours on the day after Election Day 2020 the menace in the White House announced to a cheering crowd of family, staff, and sycophants that the election is a fraud and that he would be going to the Supreme court to restore the integrity. His Vice-president on the other hand acknowledged that votes were still being counted. He may yet act responsibly and rebuke the deluded bigot for whom he has done a lot of latrine work. At least the VP acknowledged that votes were being counted.

Election ends with counting not with bratty venting.

This mini show – a rambling demon-inspired nonsense display- came while votes were still being counted in AZ, WI, GA, NC, and PA. It is not surprising that there is criminal intent to block the counting of the many votes that were mailed in (and are still being received) due to the distress of covid19. The statement “read” took less than 30 seconds and was obviously a short list of numbers from selected polls.

The criminal from Mar a Lago does not get to say when counting ends and vote counters should get to take a break somewhere around midnight.