Harvard does not Have an Idiot Parade

We do not want to imagine that there are  graduates of top-ranked universities who are rank idiots, complete nincompoops, people who learned little from their discipline, but there are people like Jared Kushner, the Swiss Army Knife of the criminal mob that is the frontline for potus45.  While there are increasing numbers  of people with degrees we have outstanding and longstanding evidence that the people running governments and large corporations are always going to be the usual witting and unwitting tools of God and the devil, and a parade of graduates.

Schools for learning

Why go to school if not to learn?  Why call yourself human if you do not revel in our wonderful and diverse solidarity?  Why do some of us we call ourselves God’s people when we have no intention of even striving for human honour and integrity? 

People like badges and medals and get to wear some whether or not they are earned.  I know many people who have been to school, graduated but have no expertise. They ask the same elementary questions that begin most serious inquiries and they support theories that have long ago bit the dust.  Men and women with certificates, diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees seem incapable of intelligent discussion of the principal subjects of their discipline.

Inhumane populations

It matters little what school a person attended.  A dunce with a degree shouts loudly the same disgrace as a pastor with a megachurch, as a bigot with a bully pulpit.   Surely we see that there are exceptional graduates of every school, women and men who serve with distinction using the expertise of their fields.  When the graduate uses his resources for nefarious purposes such as abusing migrants and their children, or the idiot parade may seem to be real and actively aggressive.  We hope the phenomenon is rare.

We may never know how many graduates of top-ranked universities are rank idiots, complete nincompoops, religious extremists, grass-trampling pastors and neo-Nazis. Pity!