UK and US Upheavals

The UK is ripping itself from the bosom of NATO and the EU but its debate systems remain intact. The US on the other hand is ripping itself apart with a wholesale attack on every institution of governance, with constant threats to life and liberty, and with the astonishing assistance of outside powers to keep toxic and shameful slogans in the forefront. The turmoil in these two states is a major contributor to the deepening gloom of powerlessness by all the stakeholders. If we wanted convincing evidence that the world was coming to a place where we would hear God’s voice saying “See, there I told you there was nothing to all these superpowers!” we can find it in the UK and US upheavals.

United Bickering

The most important marker in the crises is the failure of unity. Despite calling themselves “United” and having legislation to ensure the harmonious functioning of state agencies both nations are plagued by division. Observers may feel that there is due diligence to prevent the decline of democracy, but there is also the sense that democracy neither pays the bills nor improves the lives of citizens. Perhaps the prosperity of China, with its fear of a liberated population, and the Islamic states with their imposition of religious observance have caught the attention of western people. The fly in the UK’s ointment is Ireland and the so-called backstop solution for England’s exit from the EU. Ireland just happens also to be England’s most recent experience of violent upheaval. The fly in the ointment of the United States are the two amendments to the Constitution that people are most loathe to control even for the good of everyone.

Not quite “Timber!” Yet

We may be tempted to keep our eyes on the economic and financial upheavals along with the dramatic and climactic to changes to the natural environment but it is something else that we need to pay attention to. The trail left by these two powers across the globe can be summarized in the UK’s creation of the state of Israel and it’s having abandoned the Palestinian people, leaving the process up to the United Nations where the United States has a veto to protect Israel.  These nations are by no means finished but it only takes a night to darkness to push the globe into its final birth pangs.

Finally! Exodus

Everything not secured by Messianic truth is now being swept away by the floods and winds of Earth’s birth pangs.  The great legal mountains, the mighty arsenals of the nations, the assemblies of merchants, and the religious alliances are all being shown to be helpless and still proud even after their treasures are thrown into the streets and after their demands for homage are shown to be blasphemous and aimed at oppressing the humble and the meek.

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

Proverbs 16:32

If these two are the examples of unity who needs parliament or president? Learning to control the tongue and firearms is the recommended solution