Seen One, Seen All

Unlike many of my peers I have made no commitment to a political party.  The day when political parties have no standing in the people’s house of deliberation will be a day when citizens can sleep without concern that they will wake up to hear that the head of government, federal or provincial, is a tool, witting or unwitting of  religion.  To some extent politicians have been tools of their communities, and that can be anything from a xenophobic cult to a deceitful tech corporation.  One does not need to be too creative to realize that a party no longer aspiring to live out its vision, and  sees both grand and old as its high calling has dropped out of the fray, and deserves no attention.  Having seen how low an adult grouping has sunk can  we say we have seen them all?

Living without a mind settles everything

Watching Governor Cuomo of New York and Premier Ford of Ontario come out daily since the spring of 2020 with transparency and diligence I used to believe that politicians were committed to science even as I saw the opposite in countries presumed to be progressive.  There can only be one such but they come in families.  It turns out that the Premier of Ontario is more of a defender of  business than he is of humans. It should be obvious that the conservative bent towards less government and more influence and resources is a wild world based on a fantasy. Mindless in some ways.

It is hard to change spots

Premier Ford wss able to convince Ontarians that he was following science and doung the right thing for the province.   It was such a contrast with him wanting to hold Ontario open for business, as if the province’s ID card read “shop” or “bordello”, we thought hed

The man who affirms every day that he will follow the science is busy undermining the efforts of conservation agencies in the Greater Toronto Area, right under our noses.  Did Mr. Ford and his conservatives think that people would not notice? Everyone who lives in Toronto has seen urban development making wildlife scarce and making irreplaceable land types disappear.

Change is hard

“Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good Who are accustomed to doing evil.

Jeremiah 13:23

As usual, these political developments have parallels in the religious world.  It is not difficult to find religious leaders straddling the fence, too underdeveloped to discard the childish and elementary practices of spirituality, so greedy as to be evaluated as God’s exclusive  people, they lump the relevant with the irrelevant. They have not embraced the truth about Christ being the chosen spokesman for God.  They are willingly blind to the fact that the prophets (including Moses) are subject to what Christ ssys and does. It is utterly shameful for Christians to find redemption in any political party or ideology. Once we have seen one we have seen the whole family.