Oopses in the hospital

Religious people have been taking over God’s agenda by insisting that all things continue just as God made them.  The very nature of life insists on progress: movement and development.  The audacity of leaders who wish to recapture past fortunes. is matched by their stupidity.  Change drives the Messianic mission.   The tombs of the great men and women of antiquity are witnesses to God’s appointment for reversing all the oopses, not in the hospitals, but in the graveyards. If the church is a hospital the doctor cannot be Yeshua, because there are far too many people leaving church with fatal illnesses and all the common ailments.

How many quacks will the world of the dead and dying people tolerate ?

Death stalks all of humanity!  The record of God’s interaction with humans in antiquity has death interrupting most things that look like progress.  Most notable are the priesthood, repeatedly performing the cleansing of the people and the tabernacle, 

Salvation is not a cure but life from the dead

If mankind was merely sick there would be no need to interpose the shedding of blood. The life of the Son of God is payment for sin; payment for us missing the mark, for acting in crooked ways, sand for doing The wilderness is a graveyard that testifies that God makes no mistake.  The tombs of the kings and prophets are not mistakes. No leper-cleansing in ancient Israel is not a mistake or injustice. The Lord will be glorified in the dead and the unclean.

The report card, issued by no less than the Rock who followed them, shows a massive failure.

“Did not Moses give you the Law, and yet none of you carries out the Law? Why do you seek to kill Me?”

John 7:19

Would now not be a good time to show that God reverses all situations when we want him to? With covid-19 deaths breaking new ground every day hospitals and cemeteries are the places to be, if you believe that God orders up triumphs every day for everyone. If you believe that life has no limits, let us demonstrate it. Well people have been becoming sick, and sick people have been getting well since God created man. No-one dies who will not rise from the dead. We can skip the pep-talk, positiving thinking preaching of the evengelical juveniles and senile talking heads. There are no oopses that does not have a remedy in God’s Son, but you will not find them in the decaying matter of yesterday nor in the associated funeral services. In the light of Christ’s work as lifegiver the Church is not a hospital but a morgue, and all esle is funeral business.