The McConnell Crumb

The hearing challenge is still with us.  Adam and Eve heard God walking in the garden, but their desire to welcome him had changed.  They hid.  Right after hearing Christ say”Come to me and rest” most believers are programmed to run to someone else; Moses, the local or international leader, or a star figure sporting a fluffy gem, ultimately settling for a mere crumb of the fellowship needed. Hiding, burying one’s head, and whataboutism are all crumbs from the bread of reality.  McConnell’s declaration about 45’s as responsible for the January 6th seditious assault on Capitol Hill is a crumb and an affirmation of his failure to lead when the interests of the American people are at stake.

The bread in the oven again

More downhill skiing seems to have kicked into a frenzy again. January 21 saw Andrew Wommack on television and Boron on WDCX radio inciting the evangelical mob about the evils of abortion.  Not a word came out of these chickens when another Black man dies at the hands of public officials. Not a word has come from the White versions of Christianity.  It is as if their conferences concluded to (a) stop proclaiming the biblical gospel, (b) ignore what they were seeing, and (c) serve the political beast that gives them prestige. They have even put their endless lists of how to live the Christian life on hold.

The crumb

Many of our problems today stem from blurring the lines between domains, the most prominent being the private and public domains.  In politics the whole world knows that there is a private conversation that the politicisns have no intention of making public – a conversation which they also fail to convert into credible rhetoric. The public has ltttle to make use of from hearing that private chat.

In theology the knowledge that the messenger brings to the public comes from a private conversation with the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts in the light of the Crucified Son of God. That is where living bread comes from. God dies not dictate any concept that does not appear in Scripture. The conviction and conclusions that come in the private encounter with the text are not seen in public. Much of it is of no practical use to the typical audience, unless that audience has agreed to learn how to do what the pastor-teacher does. You can tell when the presentation is crumby when the features are “the Greek word is…”,  biographical and historical data, and not the meaning of the firsthand data. When the insights into the private conversation are not exegesis of the firsthand data they are mere crumby fillers.

Discrimination is obvious and cherished all around the world.  The United States does not need a lawsuit or a congressional commission to find a reason to rise above or tag India’s cast system, Islamic malice towards Jews and Christians, Christian pseudo-love towards the unsaved, Canadian genocidal racism or its own black and white world.  Discrimination is married to cowardice, fear and ignorance.

Defending the constitution must include caring tfor he people one represents. Roadblock to getting funds to the american people sinks boats.

The church has been distracted by fly- by-night and third hand leaders, who feed themselves and their flocks a version of the gospel that is watered down with fearful, hateful, half-cocked American elitist and imperialist aspirations, and Jewish myths about God’s nature and plan for humanity.  We cannot think that God taped the mouths of American preachers and political leaders when they tried to address the injustices in society.  They did not even try.

McConnell is two weeks late in raising his voice against the 45th president’s role in the insurrection on January 6th.

McConnell is the kind of leader who is caught between his constituents and the constitution.  He apparently did not know what impartial justice looks like when faced with the crimes of the 45th president in the first impeachment trial. We have no reason to say he does today as another impeachment trial approaches.  Was he illiterate or merely perverse and protective of his party’s majority?  His seemingly bold crumb – assigning blame for the January 6th failed insurerection to 45 – shows his leadership is an illusion. Crumby leader, crumby soundbyte!