Banish the darkness where you can

President Biden’s first day in office shows immediately that lies and dogwhistles are not in the nation’s interest. Christian radio begins a new campaign to radicalize people over the question of abortion, a key issue in the election of the 45th president. Then came the resignation of the Canadian Governor-general Since 1955 the American church has spoken in whispers, if at all, about the security of people who reject white nationalism. There is not much wiggle room left for silence on the shameful rise of racism and ignorance about justice. Our times are divided into nights and days and when we do not know the difference we cannot be expected to operate optimally in either.

If your expertise is keeping garbage you should not expect anyone to invite you to handle their garbage or their groceries. When you are not walking on the sidewalk and a horn sounds behind you take a great risk by not looking behind you. If you want your days to be dark and nights to be bright, or are often upset at the difference you are in deep trouble.

What president? The question arises a lot, along with What lawyer? What genius?

Mountain climbing is not only an extreme kind of enterprise. It pictures the journey of human life. The dangerous trip of human seed to the wall of the ovary against tremendous odds is a lesson in human fortunes. The history of Sarah and Abraham’s love and family is a lesson of extreme depths and heights. If a sperm cell has an emotional experience it must include both fear/anxiety and profound confidence. Keeping garbage, hanging around darkened locations, and rejecting change are official ways of broadcasting one’s character. Banishing the darkness does not however mean we pretend that we are sources of light.