Africans must make waves

Even if the slave traders tried to convince the Africans they had captured or bought that “things would get bettter at the end of the voyage across the Atlantic” the handcuffs and ankle restraints spelled “prison”.  The difference between being westbound on the ocean and being free on the African continent must have dawned on the human cargo as much as it might have on the crews of the ships.  As surely as the ships made waves plowing westward the minds of the Africans created waves of resistance, and resulted in protest on board the ships and when they landed.  I know there are different lines of thought about submitting to circumstances in which humans find themselves.  West Coast Africans, like people everywhere, had been touched by the common grace of God and they were not ignorant of organized religion outside their native ways and philosophies.  There are forces who, despite their own national experience, dare to think that descendants of Africans in the diaspora should not make waves.   Here is the case for why they must  doggedly, like humanity’s ideal specimens,  make waves.

Get in good trouble,  necessary trouble, help redeem the soul of America.

Hon. John Lewis, US Representative

Governments and churches are continually “getting there”, they make mistakes and we forgive them. We are in the juncture of loving with a knee in our necks. It is time to tell Zion that her warfare is over. At the current rate of risks to which Africans are exposed through the application of policy there will be no voice to tell Zion the good news. Doing better may not be an overnight affair but it calls for a straight reckoning of the common expectations. Politics and church are essentially hubs of division. The assemblies of Christ are not divided, and there really is no brand name church. What politics does is quite clearly on a disturbing track.

Those who lead us must be informed

… wise behaviour in righteousness, justice and equity;

Proverbs 1:3

Better is neither a hidden set of data nor the promise of evidence. Getting into good trouble is known to be the way Christ got to the Cross, so let it stand as the better part of our wise behaviour. However, even with evidence of what can happen when a nation disfigures the triad of righteousness, justice and equity, many leading nations are slow to step up and do better. What are the chances?

Worse, not better

“Now her sister Oholibah saw this, yet she was more corrupt in her lust than she, and her harlotries were more than the harlotries of her sister.

Ezekiel 23:11

Who has heard of a prostitute paying her “clients”?

The United States and sister United Kingdom?

Thus you are different from those women in your harlotries, in that no one plays the harlot as you do, because you give money and no money is given you; thus you are different.”

Ezekiel 16:34

Only two nations have been given dominion ever large portions of earth in modern times as were the great cosmocrats of the ancient world; Great Britain and the United States. Huge blessings did not compell a deep commitment to the great triad of righteousness, justice and equity. The little island exported its vision to the continents.

Unprecedented whoredom

They will burn your houses with fire and execute judgments on you in the sight of many women. Then I will stop you from playing the harlot, and you will also no longer pay your lovers.

Ezekiel 16:41

Arson and destructive decrees are part of the price paid when there seems to be no end to the shameful practices the nation is guilty of.

It takes more than a tap on the shoulder to correct the ways of this kind of entrenched addicted mindset.

The African slave trade was a practice without biblical foundations.   Servants in the Bible had extensive rights and the regularized opportunities to return to free lives.  Neither Israel nor Judah had a devastating war to decide whether men had the right to be free as the Law of God and the grace of God provided.  After Israel’s treachery and unprecedented propaganda had been exposed and the nation chastised at the hands of Assyria Judah took Israel’s sins to profoundly disgusting levels.

No waveless African

We stand as witnesses, in our dispersion in any nation, to the treachery of elected officials when they insist that African peoples must bend their knees to the church and state model of government. The lies about Yeshua, the rejection of the apostolic doctrines, and attempt to redo the 1776 revolution are part of the ocean we yet have to cross. Waves are inevitable and our bondage to Christ is inconsistent with our obsession with the intellectual proposals of the evangelical plantation. Africans must make waves because their lives and hearts are enmeshed with the oppression of a segregationist, “great like yesterday” system.