Freedom’s Anarchists

Pandemic should not lead to pandemonium, but every opportunity to throw some steel balls into our omelet will be taken by the greatest fence-sitters of all time.  Their parents let them choose something other than breast milk.  Kids need options they say  Their teachers gave them a pass even when they faiied.  The police know their parents and grandparents so they often did not have to face the music for breaking the law.  The latest lunacy is hordes of peace officers and health workers refusing to be told what to do in a society where law and order defines the good citizens.

Fence-sitting fandom

The biggest corporations are slave labour operations and the most followed and admired thinkers are people who either had no childhood or people who think that virtual means real. What do we suppose the small and obscure corporations are doing?

The right to be free and governed

After centuries of telling the story of repeated rebellions, war and tribal treachery most religious and civic leaders and their experts can find no solace in sticking to their ancestral beliefs and practices. They seem incapable of deciding whether to live in darkness and primitive desperation, in tbe light of human progress or the brutal banditry of the wildlife. They are busy cutting and pasting legislative language and policies from ancient and modern sources.

What hope is there when churches, like the Jerusalem temple of the 6th century BC and the seventh decade AD, become dens of capitalism? What wisdom are we steering clear of when the our role models are rich thieves and experts in nothing?

You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!

Matthew 23:24, NASB

To compensate they invent codes for civic perfection and immediately head in the opposite direction. People can enjoy the fantasy about religion infusing culture with respecting for the rights of foreigners, widows, orphans, women and children. It is a pitiful fantasy because people who sound informed and have the largest audiences are more often than not passionate deniers of human and divine excellence.

New mandate: refuse the covid19 vax for freedom’s sake

Maybe the new ideal citizen is indeed a Judeo-Christian monster. Taxes are for tbe not-too-smart. Impartial justice calls for close collusion with the accused, like Mitch McConnell’s version in the US Senate. Maybe justice comes when Africans invade Europe and Europeans evacuate America and Australia. Any segment of society taking a stand on refusing basic supervision – food, housing, and protection (health and safety) is a vampire disguised as the icecream guy. Those health workers and peace officers must think we are abject idiots who believe that drinking alcohol before driving is an option they need to have. Some servants and protectors they turn out to be There is no appetite for service or protection by freedom’s anarchists.