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Boxed Thinking

People who have not exhibited the relevant diligence to follow Christ want to say profound things about morality and civic life. Trying to engage with these kinds of intellectual is like mixing oil and water. Their speciality is pocomania, Balaamism, and death cult. The church is locked in on bogus experts, dignitaries of the house of ignorance, and fatally corrupted deliverers.

Here is snippet from a recent post. There is little to identify where the so-called discussion begins and the conservative trash begins. The latest rant is shown below WITHOUT THE BLACK BACKGROUND.

Understanding Syncretism, Greed and Fear

The pathetic dimensions of this understanding are the illusion of literacy, the cowardice of people who want to appear as warriors, and juvenile readiness to play the part of obedient servant. Far too many intellectuals do not read their native language well and their commitment to shallows of the ocean of divine revelation.

You know guys as I’m here witnessing the dismantling of Western Civilization right before my eyes, it is important that we understand the battle that is being fought.

The speaker is unaware that Western civilization showed its colours when it laughed at the Ethiopian emperor pleading for sanity and collective security.

America was founded firstly on Judeo Christian principles. It is the FIRST of it’s kind to be the world leader… meaning, it’s the first nation that held the principles of individual liberties above centralized power.

America’s Judeo-Christian foundation has been unable to find the footprints of either Moses or Yeshua. The law in Israel – the appointed guardian of Judaism – and the United States have failed to prosecutd oppression of poor people, and is a long way from demonstrating the righteousness of Christ.

America is held in its position by the petro dollar. All oil sales are denominated in US dollars.

These tyrants who are trying to re-write the world order hate individual freedoms. They hate the middle class for that reason.

Only a shortsighted person can talk about hate in western societies without acknowledging the genocidal and xenophobic nature of most national identities and institutions.

They want to destroy that World but they CANNOT do so without destroying America. America holds this present world order in place.

These little abolish fossil fuel efforts you hear these Globalists pushing is all a ploy to take away demand for fossil fuel, hence the US dollar, hence the US’ economy.

What is amazing is how nobody seem to care about that. The sycophants won’t listen, and the people who are supposed to know better are pretty much pushing this thing..

Christ has been resolutely opposed to everything that intoxicates this suspect. Know your Christ and your Moses before mouthing off, please.