What I see

Is the interim Conservative leader trying to intimidate the Prime Minister by looking straight at him while addressing the Speaker of the House?

Guess who is shouting incessantly when the government has the floor to answer questions from members of parliament.

It is my considered opinion that the BQ and Conservatives are twins in their denial of their racist heritage and recent history. My mother is neither France nor England. I see the outrage and the right to protest barely rippling the pond when First Nations lives are being shattered by the discovery of more unmarked graves. What a time to be talking about the absolute right to shut down a city and commerce!

The Heckles and Jeckles of Canadian history have their hearts duct-taped, and the sounds coming from those hearts are getting more muffled, just like the tones in the nationalist and (necessarily) bigoted theological and insurrectionist constructs now popular in the capitals of some of the former imperial rapist nations. The Bloc and the Tories should seriously consider a makeover before the next generation grabs them by the ballot. Bullies never win.