On the Staircase Down

When the unmarked graves of First Nations children were discovered there was a whispered outrage for about as long as it took to endure the reports. Canadians are in wonderland over the right to protest science, the right to shape public opinion, the right to call ourselves good people. The facts are mounting to corroborate our greatest concerns about a homicidal gene in our DNA. It takes two years to reveal that all humans are deceitful and rebellion-prone. When the judges and their “long arm” stop negotiating with criminals, re-imagine the world without people calling themselves fundamental and extreme, and uproot the purveyors of the fuel for nationalism, religious bigotry, financial terrorism and the mishandling of our food and drink supply. When imitating the United States of America with its right to free speech and the proliferation of weapons becomes popular or even the focus of the media we are on a staircase down.

Resurrect the fathers

If you believe the dead are alive we ought to be interrogating the politicians, police departments, the priests, and anyone who heard the children and their families complain about their school mates. Gosh, are there not records?

An American copycat will fizzle

If the silent and numerous pastors are any indication of progress it is netherbound. The name of Christ can be flashed in a violent overthrow of duly constituted government but it is certain that forked tongues are leading the intellect of many. They are silent about the difference between telling people what the Bible says and showing what it means. Freedom is absolute in our minds, but on the street Christians care about all their neighbours. They are silent about the plate they pass to support insurrection and lawlessness. Canadians are not buying American duplicity because the direction of the staircase is unmistakably down.