It’s on TV! It’s global

A certain TV channel calling itself The New Forum was observed today labeling the brazen assault on Ottaws’s residents an expression of joyful giving.  If one  guest had said it might have slipped by as an item for which the host forgot to show the video.  When the very next guest says the same words- verbatim  – I knew that the station’s frequent legal expert guests are nothing more than a smoke screen for alternate realities like the happy tourists at the American capital on January 6th 2021.

It is on TV! The conservative sore losers are freedom fighters

These freedom loving occupiers of capital cities never heard about Caesar’s domain and Christ’s domain. Who believes that?

I am hoping that someone else notices and figures out how to get the CRTC to examine the station’s license.  I am pretty sure that when Canadians discuss justice these days the topic is no longer focused on a juvenile attempt to imitate ancient Israel’s figleaf, or the wave-ruling Britannia, or the uniquely Canadian justice that colours our most recent holiday.  How naive it is to think that the world is watching Canadian news and that people all over the globe are jumping on the insurrection bandwagon!