Science, fact, and the failure of faith

Constitutional lawyers,  evangelists, pastors, medical doctors, and elected representatives in the United States of America have convinced a third of the population that they can use the label “pro life” to indicate the nobility of faith and respect for science.  Do they want people to  forget that faith and bloodletting have a tenuous relationship? Americans, peace officers included, have spent the last two hundred years shedding innocent blood like eating cereal, bacon and eggs for breakfast.  If you believe that the GOP and the majority in the Supreme Court are philanthropists, your faith is sewer-bound. The facts of life are hidden in plain sight if you are a Bible believer.

Who wants homicidal liars defining person and life?

You are not allowed to cut a baby’s prepuce before eight days under the sun, and we know that no child gets circumcised on being begotten, or at conception (to use the scientific term).  Do the hosts of Catholic and Protestant theologians not know that in the New Testament gennao means both beget (addressing conception) and give birth (or passively, be born)? Obviously not.  Had they been cognizant they would not be defining person from conception.

The Law of Moses (God’s law for Israel) values a woman at 30 silver shekels and a male at 50 silver shekels.  By comparison the patriarchs sold their brother Joseph for 20 shekels four hundred years earlier.  We cannot however lose sight of the census of the sons of Levi, in which, if you were younger than thirty years, you did not matter.  Now we understand why child labour is vigorously exploited worldwide. Now we understand why protecting juveniles in their schools from homicidal assaults is not a thing.

Take a census of the descendants of Kohath from among the sons of Levi, by their families, by their fathers’ households,  from thirty years and upward, even to fifty years old, all who enter the service to do the work in the tent of meeting.

Numbers 4:2-3, NASB

Whatever version of state rights or republican partisanship people invent they stretch credulity.  They want to be seen protecting the unborn when their regard for the living does not tip the scales. Preachers who have been silent over the moral majority insurrection, building for fifty years with less than a third of the population giving informed consent, are stumbling all over one another trying to find their voices. What comes out is FLIP FLOP. Pride in the darkness of their lairs prevents them. Will they come out of hibernation? Maybe.

The love of life, respect for science and genuine faith is in a steep decline in America, despite the brisk business of book sales, thousands of new faith leaders, and the proliferation of radio and television broadcasts.