The new devil: TIL

Listening to the daily political polemics one hears that when the incumbent loses all hell breaks loose. Civil war is looming, and it is mostly in the minds of people who do not think long enough to discover the difference between reality TV and American civic life. Justice has been subverted, but not by criminal enterprise. The executive branch has succeeded in writing deceit into the relationship between justice department, the legislative branch, and the supreme court. The extent to which the disease of public corruption has sunk in is evident in the fact that Americans – at least ⅓ of them – are ready to kill because the new evil is “the incumbent loses”.

What is worse than an incumbent elected official losing an election?

Criminal behaviour that goes unpunished because the perpetrator is a governor, sheriff, a judge or peace officer. When lying to the public is part of getting justices seated on the supreme court corruption hardly needs an explanation. When the highly respected churches lower their standaradin order to achieve political influence without the impartial application of justice church is now part of the wicked high place network. When lawsuits and veiled threats of riots and violence against the core institutions of civic life are the response corruption hardly needs an affidavit. Only public theft and open support of anti-democratic despots.

How four years can change society

I would love to see how the transformation of local society in the three years of Yeshua of Nazareth’s public ministry compares to a) the lifelong reigns of political leaders and b) the limited reigns (of a few years) of first ministers and heads of state.

People are resistant tio change. Even though the people of the first century were all touched by Messianic influences one can only hope to be not very excited that the seeds of the Lion of ‘judah’s reign was not going to become mainstream. It simply is not that kind of conbtributor to the lifescape. Those who are guaranteed up to eaight years at the helm of a state become worse than deluded “I never lose” magalomaniacs, they recommend destruction of the sacred bond of humanity, the duty to care for the other. The daily political journey, which is mostly words, goes into the lanes of the judge on the bench defining humans, their relationships, and their identities.

Just like the ancient and most impressive empire Babylon the modern head of state is not satisfied with being the head of gold, he wants to occupy every stage and act of the show,

I never thought I would live to see a leader destroy his nation in plain sight and one-third of the population not see that the new devil is the incumbent who loses.