Regressive and insurrectionist

People wearing the label conservative never fail to confirm how shallow, shady and shameful their ideals and lifestyle are. Confederates will never be successful because their solidarity is a mere convenience. Even when they use statistics to make their points, the quest for small government stands opposite the increase of crime and the growth of human needs for which government has to be responsible. Even two hundred years after a civil war American confederates still think that insurrection and regressive laws are viable civic solutions.

Canadian separatists and His Majesty’s opposition

Members of parliament are often bags of hot air because no conscientious Canadian votes to have someone sit in the hallowed halls as opposition. They fully expect all members of the house to work on behalf of all Canadians. The Bloc Quebecois and the Conservative leaders are sleepwalking mosquitoes, buzzing in Canadians’ ears and threatening daily to fatally sting the only government Canadians have. A divided house falls, and the eyes of His Majesty’s loyal opposition are incapable of seeing what is up ahead of the people. Their gaze is stuck on the ground, excepting the overthrow of the government. The Crown is so gracious as to allow opposition folly, but people know insurrection when its head appears, disguised as angry convoy or partisan rage and righteousness in question period.