The brave women of Iran

What do the women under the hijab, scarf, or chador know that the men do not?  I, having served in my several places of employment alongside Muslim women and men, I now want to know what differentiates Muslims in North America from those in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  It is clear that Iran and Saudi Arabia want to impose some version of Islam in foreign lands.   Letting them get away with that is not surprising, but they are not doing it to say they respect plurality and are ready to reciprocate.  No.  Their lands are sanctuearies of holiness, a holiness than allows them to treat women as second class citizens and worse.  Thank God for the brave women of Iran who are now saying that they prefer death to living under a mullah’s heel.

Life is more than food, drink and clothing

Is it mere coincidence that the leader of an Islamic republic is being called a dictator alongside calls for his death by women as the government uses deadly force to silence protest over its insistence that it has a God-given  right to tell women what  to wear?  What we have to say if we ever have an honest conversation with Islamic women outside of Iran is going to set in stone the truth about how deeply falsehoods have permeated the public discourse.  The chant “God is great” seems to be a precursor to homicide.   Is that what divine greatness is all about? The protest is proof that freedom is not based on rules that people create. I wonder how can it be that the Quran does not have a comparable narrative to the creation of Eve, with the obvious distinction (neged to the man) and elevation of women. The best part of humanity is not to be hidden.

What ancient and honourable culture oppresses women and girls?

We Christians can be blinded by the brilliance of a single innovation in philanthropic practice and the same kind of experience can also obscure vital aspects of eternal life that are secure in their hidden configurations.  We Christians believe that mercy is a virtue that benefits us when we receive it and benefits others as we are courageous enough to give it.  Mercy is not just one of the most satisfying things that God has and gives to human beings.  There is no wisdom behind the treating woman differently from Men under religious law I suppose there is an Islamic version of the story of the creation of man and woman that allows them to put the women behind, beside or under men, but they have not printed it.

The prophets are wind and everybody needs a scapegoat

The Iranian government is not the first to think that it had its people under control because of a religious sentiment that permeates the society.  Since the ayatollah transfixed the world with his return to Iran from France many have thought that a realistic book might emerge from the shadows of a common heritage. Religious people are known to have consciences, and sooner or later they will act upon what their consciences dictate and not what men or women of any religious persuasion have imposed upon them, for however long those dictates have existed. One has to look way back into the bronze age to find women courageous enough to ask the gatekeepers of their society to change the oppression of women into rights and freedom. Those who are supposed to speak with authority- the prophets- have turned out to be yes-men for the current regime (2 Chronicles 18:12). They are wind fanning the flames of people consumption (Jeremiah 5:3), reckless and treacherous persons (Zephaniah 3:4) blaming foreign foes. Oh well!