Ontario’s Bill 28: an illegal devotion to school

What a sorry example of dedication to learning Ontario’s Minister of Education that he should side with draconian measures to resolve labour issues.   Conservatives are committed to nothing human.  Their north star has been an unwavering attitude that puts business before labourers, corporations before people, nickel and diming consumers and  handing large handouts to businesses before educating themselves about Canada’s diversity.  They surely do not understand the balance between workers and employers or care about bargaining in good faith as a fundamental Canadian value.

Collective Bargaining is not a donut or a cheap bottle of beer

When did conservatives care about children and vulnerable adults in nursing homes, or about citizens terrorized by truckers, or about the priorities  of the Canadian family? Seeking to recoup the revenue lost in the extinction of annual motor vehicle fees by imposing fines on union members who exercise their right to strike is evidence of a conservative plot. Forced labour’s days are believed to have ended, but not in conservative circles.

Will churches, mosques, and synagogues rally behind the shady Ford government’s assault on workers

Premier Ford seemed to have only low opinions about the values which most people believe are the treasures for which Canadian blood was spilt.  In a few days conservatives will be attending Remembrance Day events, sporting poppies and mouthing their veneration of the brave soldiers who gave their lives in service and paid the ultimate price.  If Bill 28 is not repealed we will know that they are hypocrites of the first rank.